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General Volunteer Opportunities:


-Food Pantry & Clothes Closet: Can you help during weekday mornings to pack grocery bags or help in our Clothes Closet? Food Pantry and Clothes Closet volunteers must be able to make a commitment of at least once a month for three consecutive months.


-Running and Walking for Manos: Do you want to join our Manos team for the Caleb 5K?

: Do you like planning or working at events?

-Marketing / PR: Are you an expert in Marketing or PR who can help us spread the word about Manos?

-Office Help: Are you available during the week to help in the office once a week or for specific projects?


-Photographer: Do you have an eye for taking pictures that capture emotions and story?

-Grounds Upkeep and Maintenance: Do you want to help us keep Manos a clean, well-kept place for our clients to enjoy?


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Education Program Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are asked to commit to at least one shift per week for the entire semester (2 months for computers, 4 months for all other classes). Most new opportunities begin in January, May, and August of each year. Opportunities in the computer literacy program are also available in March and October.


- English as a Second Language: Tutor, Teaching Assistant, Participant in Practicum Class (for new teachers)


- Computer Literacy: Teacher, Teaching Assistant


- Citizenship: Teacher, Tutor


- Adult Basic Literacy in Spanish: Tutor (must be fluent in Spanish)


- Office Assistant


Fill out the Education Program Volunteer Application



Dental Center Volunteer Opportunities:

We are currently accepting Dentists to volunteer, however space for assistants and hygienists is full at this time.

Fill out the Dental Center Volunteer Application



Please contact Lily Lombardi at or 477-7454 if have any questions or if there is another way you would like to become involved with Manos.