Neela, Manos Patient

The life-changing impact that Manos can have on our patients is evident in the story of Neela. Neela arrived to Austin from India in 2000 to teach children. After working for several years, she went back to school to improve her skills, and was temporarily without a job or dental insurance in 2009.

At this same time, Neela found herself in severe oral pain without the funds to go afford a private dentist, and so she turned to Manos. Neela hurried to get an appointment, relieved that she could afford the treatment and would not facing looming debt and costly dental bills from Manos.

Neela needed two root canals and received prompt treatment from Manos. Impressed by the staff and the quality of care, Neela made her appointment to return for follow-up treatment and preventative care. “The cleaning that [Manos] did for me was better than the other ones,” Neela said, “so I didn’t hesitate at all to return.”

It was when Neela came in for the subsequent visit that the Dental Center staff found her health at risk due to dangerously high blood pressure. With this alarming finding, she went immediately to the hospital.

“It was so high, and I had no clue,” Neela said, “that’s the time when I had to rush to Seton [Hospital], but it was Manos who was responsible for my discovery.”

She received treatment medical treatment and later returned to finish her dental treatment and preventative care with her newly restored health. Neela now speaks praise about the Manos Dental Center services and staff, “these guys you know, they really saved me. What if I had not come?” Neela said, “I don’t know what would have happened, I mean that’s crazy.”


(Clients' names are changed to protect their privacy)