Allie, Manos Patient

Allie was suffering from unbearable tooth pain when she first entered the Manos de Cristo Dental Center doors a year and a half ago. Short on time, money and insurance, this mother of six had placed her oral health as a last priority. In addition to caring for her children, ages ranging from three to thirteen, Allie also works as a Mental Health Mental Retardation (MHMR) residential aid, caring for people with mental disabilities. During her morning and night shifts at the group home, Allie teaches mentally challenged individuals how to live a healthy life.


Although Allie emphasizes the importance of health to her patients and her children every day, Allie simply hadn’t found an accommodating, affordable dentist. Allie missed two days of work because of excruciating pain before she made the decision to find help. Thankfully, a friend told Allie about Manos, and she hurried to the Dental Center to rid herself of the toothache. During this initial appointment, the Manos dentist found that her cavities were beyond repair, and her tooth was extracted.

“I came here, and they pulled my tooth out that same day, so ever since, I’ve been coming here,” Allie said. Although classifying herself as a very nervous person, Allie was surprised to find that the extraction was pain-free.


“I was still holding onto the chair, waiting for it to be over with,” Allie said laughing, “but I got everything taken care of, and the surgeon who was here at the time was great! I mean, I was amazed.”

Since then, Allie’s teeth have been almost completely restored, and she has the relief knowing that she can finally focus on her rewarding job and children without the worry of a lurking toothache.


“I like it because I feel that I put in a little bit into society and try to help somebody else out,” Allie said of her job. Just like Allie, Manos was able to give back by giving Allie the strength to return to her job.


(Clients' names are changed to protect their privacy)