About Us

Manos de Cristo was founded in 1988. The Dental Center opened its doors in 1990 and has served the Austin community ever since. The organization has grown over the years and now is located at Harmon Avenue, which is also the location for a wide range of adult education classes, and houses a food pantry, a clothes closet, and computer labs.


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Our Programs

Through a variety of programs, Manos de Cristo provides critically important services to thousands of people in the Greater Austin area. Its Dental Center, food pantry, clothes closet, and education programs lead clients toward self-sufficiency by providing much needed services in a caring and nurturing environment. The various programs at Manos are supported by faith-based and secular organizations, corporations, foundations, and individual sponsors, and rely heavily on the work and dedication of numerous volunteers.



Dental Center

Since 1990, the Manos de Cristo Dental Center has provided tens of thousands of appointments to Austin’s working poor.   People that come to the Dental Center are in dire condition and many on the brink of serious health issues and have nowhere else to go.  Our goal is to never have to turn anyone away.  For more information, click here. 


Education Programs

Manos provides education and job training to the working poor with the goal of improving their computer skills and financial literacy, as well as their English proficiency. For more information, click here.



Basic Needs: Food and Clothing

For the working poor, any difficult circumstance—a temporary work shortage, an injury, an unusually high energy bill, for example—can cause stress and hardship. Many have no safety net and rely on churches and non-profit organizations to help with everyday basics. Manos provides emergency care so that difficult circumstances do not escalate into dire ones. These emergency provisions help lessen stress and allow families to weather their circumstances until they get back on their feet. For more information, click here.



When families struggle to make ends meet, the expenses needed to prepare their children for school can be beyond their means. For these children, Manos de Cristo holds our Back-to-School program every summer to equip children with the basic necessities they need to be ready to return to school and engaged in the classroom. For more information, click here.