Monthly Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When will my credit card first be charged?
A. Monthly charges occur once per month. Your first online gift is charged to your credit card on the date your transaction is made.


Q: How can I update my credit card number, expiration date, or increase/change my monthly gift?
A: There are two ways to update your account:
1) Update your information online by filling out this secure form.
2) You can call Alyssa Puckett at (512) 628-4205


Q. If my card expiration date changed but my card number did not, why do I need to give my card number again?
A. Manos de Cristo adheres to all laws and regulations pertaining to handling of donor credit and debit card account information. Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulations require that Manos not store actual credit card information on its computers, so when you provide your new expiration date Manos must also re-enter the card information to update it.


Q. How can I notify you if I need to stop giving?
A. If you would like to stop your monthly gift, please call (512) 628-4205.
Cancellations received:

  • first week of the month = effective in the current month
  • after the first week of the month = effective in the following month


Q. Are my monthly donations tax-deductible?
A. Yes, Manos de Cristo is a 501c3 federally recognized nonprofit organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for information about specific situations.


Q. Will I receive verification of my donations for tax purposes?
A. In January, all monthly donors receive an annual statement reflecting the prior year’s total contributions via mail or email. If you need a statement prior to the annual mail date, please contact us. We will gladly send one at your request.


Q. Why do my dollars matter?
A. As a nonprofit organization, Manos relies on monetary support from the community, along with modest patient fees to keep our programs operating. We receiving no government funding, and approximately $.86 of every dollar goes to direct services for over 15,000 individuals and families in Central Texas. Without the help of supporters, our programs would not be possible.

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Q. What are the benefits of my Monthly Membership?
A.  Becoming a monthly donor is a way to put more of your dollars into Manos de Cristo’s services that you value.


As a monthly donor, you:

  • Become a part of the Manos family.
  • Are automatically signed up for exclusive perks (Grin & Tell e-newsletter, program updates, agency invites, and ways to get involved).
  • Automatically renew each year – no more renewal notices, or wondering if your membership has expired.
  • Helping us to cut the costs of paper, postage and administrative costs.
  • Providing a steady source of income for the services that you value.
  • Will feel good knowing that you’re providing Manos with a steady source of income, giving thousands of disadvantaged families and individuals the hand they need to stand on their own.


Contact Alyssa Puckett if you have any questions that weren’t answered above:

Call: (512) 628-4205

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c/o Manos de Cristo
4911 Harmon Avenue
Austin, TX 78751






Alyssa Puckett

Development Coordinator