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Dr. Tom Richardson, Director of Dentistry for Manos de Cristo

Manos de Cristo’s Dental Clinic treats thousands of patients a year, providing affordable oral healthcare to those without insurance. For those who have grown up having regular dental check-ups, it can be difficult to imagine the health problems that arise without this routine care. Our Clinic Director, Dr. Richardson, told us about the cases he regularly sees and the patients who are being helped by Manos every day at the clinic. [Read the interview.]


Elena Morales, Student at Manos de Cristo

Elena Morales is one of many in Austin who struggle to provide for their families, even with a job. She is working to get a better paying job at a nursing home, and she turned to Manos for help. [Read her story.]


Manos Makes a Difference: Allie and Neela's Stories

Want to know how our Dental Clinic makes a real difference in our patients’ lives? Read about Allie, a working mother of six whose extreme tooth pain forced her to miss two days of work, and see Neela's story, whose trip to Manos for two root canals uncovered dangerously high blood pressure that required immediate medical attention.