Back-to-School Program 2015

Back-to-School 2015

Thank you for making our 2015 Back-to-School Program a success!


Because of our generous supporters, Manos served 2,106 children from 1,037 families and prepared them for a successful school year! With the help of over 250 individual, community and corporate volunteers, the 2015 Back-to-School program was accomplished in just five days at Allan Elementary School.


We couldn’t have done this without you!


Visit our Back-to-School Flickr album for photo highlights of this year's program.




If you’d like to help ensure that this program takes place in 2016, please contact Jessica Knopp, Development Director, at or (512) 628-4201, to become a sponsor or volunteer!


Special Thanks:
Travis County Sheriff's Office, Austin Independent School District, Allan Elementary, and University Presbyterian Church


2015 Back-to-School Donors
The following is a list of donors who gave to this year’s Back-to-School program.*

Mr. John Abraham
Ms. Breanna Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Joe & Julie Ballesteros
Dr. Cheryl Banks and Dr. William Banks
Mr. and Mrs. James & Barbara Beckett
Ms. Brittany Beno-Morris
Mr. Albert Betts
Ms. Sandra Joseph Bieri
Ms. Martha Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. Paul & Carolyn Breazeale
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas & Betsy Brown
Capitol Market Research
Megan and Yvonne Carvajal
Central Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Oskar & Frances Cerbins
Ms. Betty Chapman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Lisa Clarke
Mr. Joseph Clemens
Ms. Robin Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton & Martha Collins
Covenant Presbyterian Church
Ms. Catherine Cunningham
Ms. Barbara B. Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Logan & Kelley DeCleene
Ms. Carol Delatorre
Ms. Patricia Denny
Ms. Elaine B. Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick & Kathryn Drew
Dripping Springs Presbyterian Church
The DuBose Family Foundation
Mr. Michael Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn & Britta Dukes
Mr. and Mrs. Cleon & Jane Dunham
Mr. Jonathan B. Eddison
Ms. Dorothy Elliott
Ms. Amy Enrlich
Mr. and Mrs. Mark & Dianne Erlewine
Dr. and Mrs. David & Pam Ferguson
Ms. Vella and Thomas Fink
First Presbyterian Church
Ms. Sue Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. Bill & Joan Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. Byron & Sarah French
Mrs. and Mr. Lisa & Thomas Fry
Ms. Angel Gandara
Ms. Erin Garcia
Ms. Diane Gehman
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew & Julia Giddings
Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Ann Glenn

Mrs. Glenda Goehrs
Wendy Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher & Laurie Grayson
The Griffin Family

Mr. and Mrs. Marvin & Bretna Hackerts

Ms. Elizabeth Hall
Ms. Beverly B. Harlan



Ms. Susan Hart
Mr. David Hart
Trust of Joan Brady Hassenflu
Mr. Mark Hathaway
Mr. and Mrs. John & Dorothy Hendrick
Mr. Janet and John Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. H.M. & Mary Jo Hernandez
Ms. Jane Hilfer
Ms. Joan A. Hoffs TTEE
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon & Marsha Holt
Hope Presbyterian Church
Mr. and Mrs. Jim & Clara Jo Huckaby
Ms. Gloria Hunt
Mr. Paul Ivie
Mr. and Mrs. Ron & Carol Johnson
Ms. Lynne Kammer
Ms. Elizabeth A. Kenyon
Mrs. Fran Kiefer
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry & Judy King
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne & Kathryn King
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph & Bea Kirk
Ms. Jessica Knopp
Mr. and Mrs. Matt & Jennifer Laessig
Ms. Mary Ley
Mrs. Kolynn Listi
Ms. Melissa LoBiondo
Mrs. Liliana Lombardi
Mr. and Mrs. Rolla & Marthann Long
Ms. Carolyn Lum
Mr. and Mrs. Al & Barbara Lundeen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael & Michelle Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur & Anne Maple
Ms. Claire Marana
Maximus Foundation
Mrs. Laura McAfee and Mr. Gerald Quarders
Mr. John McCarey
Ms. Jan McInroy
Mr. Brad McKenzie
Ms. Margaret Melton
Mr. and Mrs. Hal & Betty Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Kent & Barbara Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Paul & Karen Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William & Rosemary Moore
Mr. David Morgan
Ms. Pam Nall
Ms. Kathleen Nash
Mr. Ron Neher
NetSpend Corporation
Mr. James Newman
Ms. Hazel R. Nichols
Ms. Carrie Nicolas
Mr. and Mrs. Ken & Marion Nordeman

Ms. Mary Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Roy & Meredith Nunis





Mr. and Mrs. Dale & Kay Oder
Mr. John Olsson and Mrs. Marisa Zappone
Ms. Anne E. Osburn
Dr. Susan G. Pelzer
Ms. Jennifer Prude
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry & Donna Rasco
Mr. and Mrs. Ray & Cathy Renner
Diane and Ron Riehs
Mr. and Mrs. Eric & Irene Rivers
Ms. Peggy Robinson
Dr. Rocio Muñoz Roquero
Ms. Peg Runnels
Mr. and Mrs. Roy & Ruthann Rushing
Ms. Jennifer Rutledge
Ms. Elsa Samarripa
Nona and Andy Sansom
Mr. Noe Sauceda
Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church
Shoreline Church
Mrs. Molly Slosky
Mr. and Mrs. Richard & Laura Smith
Mrs. Jannet Smith
Ms. Gina E. Springer Shirley and Mr. Jesse J. Steinfort
Mr. Lee Stewart
Ms. Meghan Still
Mr. and Mrs. Jim & Jeanne Stillman
Mr. Burney Stinson
Mrs. Virginia Stotts
Mrs. and Dr. Elizabeth & Jim Surratt
Ms. Dorothy Swart
Ms. Mary Swierenga
Mrs. Susan J. Szaniszlo
Mr. Eugene S. Taylor
Mr. Brian Taylor

Texas State Board of Pharmacy - Helping Hands Committee
Mr. and Mrs. Steve & Jane Thompson
Yolanda O. Torres and Michael J. Schulte
Ms. Carolina Trevino
Mr. and Mrs. Gary & Marijean Tritle
University Presbyterian Church
Ms. Retta Van Auken
Mrs. Amy Van Wyngarden
Ms. Teresa Ward
Ms. Martha Ward
Ms. Margaret Way
Ms. Barbara Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Max & Karen Werkenthin
Ms. Alyssa West
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Ms. Dianne Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. John & Sandra Winkler
Mr. Marvin Wofford and Mrs. Melinda Hornsby Wofford



*Any omission is unintentional. Please contact us if your name is missing.